Cantonese Courses

Some of our students learn Cantonese for business, others for pleasure. Whatever your requirements and learning objectives are, we will customize Cantonese lessons to accommodate your needs.

You can learn Cantonese with us by meeting our Cantonese teachers either in person or online, in your place or in our Cantonese school in Central. You will learn what you need to learn and what you want to learn. Before you start your class, we will discuss your learning needs, learning style, and learning objectives and choose the best Cantonese course books for you.

We have also developed our own Cantonese Workbooks for practicing daily Cantonese. You will learn practical Cantonese with us.

One-to-one private Cantonese classes for…

Cantonese Class in Hong Kong

General Cantonese

  • Cantonese pronunciation
  • Cantonese conversation
  • Survival skills
  • Socializing skills
Cantonese Textbooks
Main Books for Class
Online Cantonese Lessons

Customized Cantonese

  • Foundation skills
  • Customised course contents
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Industry specified terms and expressions
Cantonese Learning Materials
Workbooks for Practice


  • 粵語正音
  • 粵普詞語對照練習
  • 粵語生活會話
  • 粵語高級會話
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Cantonese Course Levels

Cantonese Book
Cantonese Levels

Cantonese Levels Brief

Level 1
BEGINNER 1: Able to perform in a very limited capacity within the most immediate, predictable areas of need, using essentially conversational CANTONESE.
Level 2
BEGINNER 2: Able to satisfy immediate, predictable needs and basic everyday transactional needs, as well as limited social needs, using predominantly simple sentences in Cantonese.
Level 3
INTERMEDIATE 1: Able to satisfy basic social needs, and routine needs. Able to negotiate for personal and social needs, Able to carry on Cantonese conversation in basic social settings.
Level 4
INTERMEDIATE 2: Able to satisfy most social needs and routine needs. Able to talk about most topics of routine needs, using complicated language to communicate. Able to perform effectively in most informal and formal situations pertinent to social and community life and everyday commerce and recreation.
Level 5
ADVANCED 1: Able to perform effectively in basic professional business related situations. Able to understand the main ideas of business discussion in all kinds of media.
Level 6
ADVANCED 2: Able to perform very effectively in almost all situations pertinent to social and community life and everyday commerce and recreation. Proficiency equivalent to that of a native speaker of the same social/cultural variety.