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New Concept Cantonese, member of New Concept Mandarin, focuses on teaching Cantonese lessons in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Based on our research, the best way to learn Cantonese is to immerse yourself in daily activities in Hong Kong. Our Cantonese teachers are well trained to teach immersion Cantonese programs. Carefully selected Cantonese course books combined with our in-house developed Cantonese Workbooks are used in class. Tailor-made handouts and authentic materials are used for outside class activities to help learn Cantonese faster.

Please remember to try out our Free Cantonese Lessons to learn some basic words and expressions before you enroll in our courses. If you like the contents you can learn some daily Cantonese for free. If you have specific learning needs, please let us know and we will make a customized course for you!

If you are not sure where to Learn Cantonese in Hong Kong, and if you are not sure where to find the best Cantonese teachers and the best Cantonese lessons, please contact us for a 15-minute Free Trial.

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