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Authentic Materials

In addition to the textbooks, our teachers will also make customized handouts to enhance your Cantonese study. Authentic materials such as real-life menus, flyers, magazines, songs, and videos will also be used so you will learn a "living language" rather than just from books.

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

While you are enrolled in our Cantonese course, we will be happy to provide Cantonese translation support when you have a need to communicate with local people. You can send a message by WhatsApp, over the phone to your teachers. And we will be happy to help you learn how to say specific words and expressions in Cantonese. We are willing to go the extra mile for our students.

Cantonese Books

Useful Words and Expressions

You can survive without speaking Cantonese in Hong Kong. However, if you can understand and use some basic Cantonese, your life experience will be much more enriched and rewarding. "Useful Words and Expressions" are collected and recorded by native Cantonese speakers for you to train your Cantonese listening and speaking skills. Click here to practice.