Unit 01 - Personal Introduction 個人介紹

Key Words and Expressions

Chinese Pronunciation English
喺xxx出世 hai xxx cheut sai to be born
seui year (for age)
結婚 git fan married
幾耐 gei noih how long
小朋友 siu pahng yauh children
(個)仔 go jai son
(個)女 go neui daughter
學廣東話 hohk gwong dung wa to learn Cantonese
中國 jung gwok China

Extended Use of Key Words

Chinese Pronunciation English
gwok country
國家 gwok ga country
國際 gwok jai international
邊度 bin douh Where?
邊啲 bin di Which of those?
出世 cheut sai To be born
出口 cheut hau exit
出境 cheut ging departure
出面 cheut mihn outside