Unit 07 - Make A Phone Call II 打電話 2

Key Words and Expressions

Chinese Pronunciation English
做緊咩 jouh gan me What are you doing?
打錯 da cho Wrong number
遲啲 chih di later
yeuk to date
打過嚟 da gwo laih to call back
留言 lauh yihn to leave a message
cheng please
dou about

Idiomatic Expressions

Extended Use of Key Words

Chinese Pronunciation English
遲啲 chih di later
遲到 chih dou to be late
yeuk to make an appointment; to invite
預約 yuh yeuk to make an appointment
留言 lauh yihn to leave message
留學 lauh hohk to study aboard
留院 lauh yun to stay in hospital
留底 lauh dai to stay behind