Unit 08 - Time 時間

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Key Words and Expressions

Chinese Pronunciation English
dim o'clock
fan minute
bun half
幾點? gei dim What time?
上晝 seuhng jau morning
晏晝/下晝 aan jau hah jau noon/afternoon
而家 yih ga now
朝頭早 jiu tauh jou in the morning
夜晚 yeh maahn evening
中午 jung mh noon
做咩 jouh me to do what?
做乜野? jouh mat yeh to do what?
我三點食飯。 ngoh saam dim sihk faahn I will have my meal at 3.
邊個三點食飯? bin go saam dim sihk faahn Who will eat at 3?
我幾點食飯? ngoh gei dim sihk faahn What time will I eat?
我三點做乜野? ngoh saam dim jouh mat yeh What am I going to do at 3?
食飯 sihk faahn to have a meal
食早餐 sihk jou chaan to have breakfast
食晏 sihk ann to have lunch
食晚飯 sihk maahn faahn to have dinner
起身 hei san to get up
訓覺 fan gaau to go to bed
沖涼 chung leuhng to take shower
開會 hoi wui to have meeting
返工 faan gung to go to work
返學 faan hohk to go to school
返屋企 faan uk kei to go home
睇電視 tai dihn sih to watch TV

Idiomatic Expressions

Extended Use of Key Words

Chinese Pronunciation English
做乜野 jouh mat yeh to do what
係乜野 haih mat yeh is what
睇乜野 tai mat yeh to see what
開會 hoi wui to have meeting
開始 hoi chi to start
開工 hoi gung to start working
開飯 hoi faahn to have a meal