Unit 05 - Shopping 購物

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Key Words and Expressions

Chinese Pronunciation English
sik colour
mah size
daaih large
jung medium
sai small
乜野 mat yeh what?
想要 seung yiu want
唔該, 我想要...... mh goi ngoh seung yiu Excuse me, I want…
你有冇......? neih yauh mouh Do you have…?
你有乜野色? neih yauh mat yeh sik What colour do you have?


Chinese Pronunciation English
黑色 haak sik black
白色 baahk sik white
紅色 huhng sik red
藍色 laahm sik blue
黃色 wohng sik yellow
灰色 fui sik grey
啡色 fe sik coffee (colour)
橙色 chaang sik orange
紫色 ji sik purple
綠色 luhk sik green
金色 gam sik golden
銀色 ngahn sik silver
粉紅色 fan huhng sik pink

Idiomatic Expressions

Extended Use of Key Words

Chinese Pronunciation English
想睇 seung tai would like to see
想聽 seung teng would like to listen
要買 yiu maaih want to buy
要睇 yiu tai want to see
乜野衫 mat yeh saam what clothes
乜野褲 mat yeh fu what pants
中秋 Jung chau mid-autumn
中國 Jung gwok China
大人 daaih yanh adult
大隻 daaih jek big one
細路 sai louh child
細粒 sai lap small