Unit 02 - Greetings 問候

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Key Words and Expressions

Chinese Pronunciation English
你好 neih hou Hello!
早晨 jou sahn Good morning!
早抖 jou tau Good night!
食咗飯未 sihk jo faahn meih Have you had your meal?
食咗 sihk jo I have had my meal.
未食 meih sihk I have not had my meal yet.
唔該(晒) mh goi(saai) Excuse me.
多謝(晒) do jeh(saai) Thanks!
唔駛客氣 mh sai haak hei Don't mentione it.
對唔住 deui mh jyuh I am sorry.
唔好意思 mh hou yi si Sorry to bother.
唔緊要 mh gan yiu It doesn't matter.
你點呀 neih dim a How are you?
好好 hou hou Very good.
你呢 neih ne And you?
幾好 gei hou Pretty good.
keuih he/ him
ngoh I/ me

Idiomatic Expressions

Extended Use of Key Words

Chinese Pronunciation English
食飯 sihk faahn have meal
好食 hou sihk delicious
早抖 jou tau goodnight
抖吓 tau hah take a break
客氣 haak hei polite
客人 haak yahn guest


Chinese Pronunciation English
neih you
你哋 neih deih You (guys)
你哋嘅 neih deih ge Your/ yours
ngoh I/ me
我哋 ngoh deih We/ our
我哋嘅 ngoh deih ge Our/ ours
keuih He/ she/ it/ him/ her
佢哋 keuih deih They/ them
佢哋嘅 keuih deih ge Their/ theirs