Cantonese Teacher - Lucy Lau

I really enjoy learning my lessons with Lucy. She is such a nice teacher, passionate but patient and understanding. I love learning Chinese with Lucy.
Miss Lyna
About Lucy Lau
BA in Language and Literature; MA in Sociology (HK City U)
About Me:
My name is Lucy Lau, a fulltime Cantonese teacher based in Hong Kong. I have been teaching Chinese since 2017 in Hong Kong and I can teach both Cantonese and Mandarin to the speakers of other languages. I am a native speaker of Cantonese while I also speak native Mandarin. In New Concept Cantonese we use a more immersive approach to teach Cantonese. Hong Kong is a very good place to learn Cantonese. It is such a pleasure to see my students make rapid progress in their Cantonese study with me.